The Collegiate Recovery & Intervention Services Department offers a Collegiate Recovery Community for students who have made a commitment to lead sober, healthy lives. Modeled after a successful program at Texas Tech University, The University of Alabama has created a structured, healthy community where recovering students can thrive academically and socially while actively pursuing their recovery. The Collegiate Recovery Community provides students an opportunity to bond together in an alcohol and drug free environment.

What is the Collegiate Recovery Community?

  • A safe place for students in recovery
  • A place of academic oversight and support
  • A place of social interaction and fun
  • A place of accountability

What is expected of students in the Collegiate Recovery Community?

  • Attend recovery meetings, find a sponsor, and work a 12-Step recovery program
  • Spend time with recovery groups and participate in community service projects
  • Refrain from the consumption of alcohol and/or drugs

If you would like more information, please contact us at (205) 348-2727.