Mission, Vision, and Goals



The mission of the Collegiate Recovery Community is to support students in recovery and help them achieve their academic goals while participating in the collegiate experience without the use of drugs, alcohol, or other behavioral or process addictions. The program also provides opportunities for families to engage in and support students in their recovery and education.


Students in recovery will receive the support they need to achieve their goals and to succeed in their academic pursuits. Creating the opportunity for education and inclusion within a recovery community will allow stigmas to be broken and produce students committed to honor, service, and excellence.


  1. To support lasting recovery from substance abuse and other behavioral and process addictions for students at The University of Alabama through the Collegiate Recovery Community.
  2. To aid in the development of recovery and life skills necessary to excel in academic, social, personal, and professional arenas.
  3. To inform and educate the student, family, and community about the disease of addiction and to develop effective strategies to prevent and treat this illness.
  4. To provide services at the University, local, state, and national levels.
  5. To raise awareness of the recovery process and show, through academic research, the contributions and successes of individuals and families in recovery.